A few words from moms and dads...

"I bought a ZCush when I was pregnant, not knowing how useful it would be. I'm so glad that I did! We love it! Baby is warm and comfy, but not too warm, and she can still move her arms around. We use our ZCush more than most of the items we bought. Thank you!"

-- Erin Sales

"My father is very uneasy with infants, as they are too 'fragile' for him... so I put my 3-month old into it and asked him to give it a try holding her using it and he loved it."

-- Megan Balaban

"[Hussain & Adrian] love their zCush... before we put them in, they were crying and then, they just stop! It's like Magic!!"

-- Mustafa Arsiwala

"The zCush is so soft and comfy it makes me wish they made them in adult sizes."


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"Parents told us that they felt good lying their baby on the zCush, comfortable that they were on a safe, soft, clean surface. This is a great idea for a baby shower gift. "

-- The National Parenting Center

"The mat is great for breastfeeding moms, which gives them and their baby that extra support. And I love to use our mat for changing our son."


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"It truly was a lifesaver! Especially in those first few weeks where sleep is like a dinosaur..."

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"... I found it was a great product to use for naps and feeding.  Newborns love to be swaddled or feel cozy, and the ZCush offers this comforting feeling ... "

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