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Our Story

"Would you like to hold her?" This was usually followed by apprehensive looks from friends who came to see our new baby. Rather than spread out their hands in excitement, they would sink deeper into the sofa as if we had asked them to adopt her instead!


On the other hand, younger visitors who had always wanted living, breathing dolls, would practically tackle us, hoping for the slightest chance to cradle our baby. As new parents, the idea of a five-year old holding our precious one often led to minor heart palpitations. Not able to bear the disappointing faces, we would cross our fingers and practically make their parents sign an affidavit in the event of emotional and/or physical distress. 


This is when we started using the traditional version of the zCush Baby Nap Mat. Back home on the Subcontinent, our family never allowed infants to be held without the mat, firmly believing that doing so would harm the newborn's back development. When our parents came to visit our baby, they brought a couple of these mats with them, instilling in our minds the importance of using the mat to carry our baby at all times.


We used the mat all the time in several ways. We used it for holding and cuddling our baby so that her back would remain straight and not roll up, for showing her off to friends who were not yet initiated into parenthood, for children who could rest her on their laps and play with her, for nursing or giving her the bottle when she was resting cozily inside it, for changing diapers and clothes when the changing table seemed too far away on the other side of the room, and for taking her out to visit grandparents and friends so that we always had a place to put her down comfortably.


As other friends and relatives started their own families, we wanted to share these mats with them, knowing their appreciation for it. Trouble was we couldn't find them in any stores here. After searching endlessly we started thinking about developing our version of the infant support mat. Incorporating all the advantages of the traditional mat that we used for our own babies, we came up with a style for active, on-the-go families here.


Our zCush Baby Nap Mats are soft, flexible, and lightweight. They're a little wider, a little longer, and a little firmer. But the biggest difference is the removable pocket cover with just the right amount of inner lining to maximize baby's comfort. And the cover, along with the mat itself, can be easily washed because let's face it, newborns can get things pretty dirty pretty fast! And the variety of pocket covers lets you choose the right cover for the right occasion.


We want to introduce our zCush Baby Nap Mat to moms and dads and let them experience the convenience as we did when we had our daughters - our inspiration.

The zCush Baby Nap Mat - Naptime goes mobile!
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